Two Step Entryway Footwear Sanitizing System

The easiest, and quickest way to sanitize the soles of workers shoes before entering critical control areas

KleenConnect’s Two Step, Footwear Sanitizing system allows the worker to sanitize the bottoms of their footwear quickly and easily. There’s no need to install our system or provide any power source to operate. The worker simply steps onto the TWO STEP unit and positions their feet in the gridded openings. Once the worker has positioned their feet they simply push the button to apply a fog type mist to the bottoms of their footwear quickly sanitizing their soles. The 1 gallon F style jug attaches with Kleen Connect Safety Feeds making it easy to remove and carry to the location where the ready to use sanitizer is stored for refilling. The unit has sturdy wheels and the handle can be used to pull it around to any location for quick positioning or to clean out the reservoir.

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Click here for the “TWO STEP” Brochure