Products Overview

cutout-drum-on-white-numberedWEBKleenConnect™ offers a safe, fast and economical way for end users to attach a chemical system to a drum or IBC.

The Safety-Feed™ System reduces the risk of chemical exposure to the end user and has a wide variety of applications in all industries with the need to dispense liquid chemicals through feed dispensing systems.

  1. Unique KleenConnect™ bung is connected to a full‐length pickup tube pre‐installed in the drum for the end user.
  2. Pre‐installed pickup tube eliminates the need for workers to come into contact with chemicals while changing out a drum or IBC.
  3. Full‐length pickup tube ensures all product can be withdrawn, saving money on wasted product.

Our patented check valve prevents liquid from flowing back through the special KleenConnect™ adapter while a unique venting membrane allows the product to vent without leakage. Our materials of construction ensure a wide range of chemical compatibility. The KleenConnect™ fits standard drums from 15 gal. to 55 gal.and IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). It is available in NPT and Buttress threads.

Ask your supplier for the KleenConnect™ on all your products.

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