Protect the Purity of Your Food Ingredients

Increase food safety by greatly reducing the risk of food ingredient exposure to the environment.

The KleenConnect™ 100% Food Grade Sani-Feed™ connects a drum or IBC of liquid food ingredients to your feed system without exposing the contents of the drum or IBC to the environment.

  • A full-length pickup tube is pre-installed in the container for the end user and connected to the Sani-Feed™ bung, eliminating the need to open the new container when it is being connected to the feed dispensing system. This protects the contents of the container from environmental contamination
  • Full-length pickup tube reaches the bottom of the container, ensuring that all product can be withdrawn from the container
  • Patented check valve prevents liquid from flowing back through the special KleenConnect™ adapter while unique venting membrane allows product to vent without leakage
  • Use with any 3/8 male NPT fitting
  • Fits standard and ACT drums, IBCs. Available in NPT, Buttress and ACT threads
  • Volume pricing available

Ask your supplier for the KleenConnect™ Sani-Feed™ on all your products.

Contact us to start using the KleenConnect™ Sani-Feed™ in your food processing.